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I am an elite wheelchair racer, Paralympic ambassador, public speaker and PhD graduate from the University of Illinois. I strive for athletic excellence and leading a life filled with integrity. I am the 2011 World Champion in the 200m and hold two bronze medals from the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China. I had the honor of representing Team USA in London at the 2012 Paralympic Games! I am currently recovering from surgery. I had some significant setbacks, but hope to make a full recovery and start training for Rio 2016! Thanks for following me on this incredible journey!

I appreciate your support.
— Anjali Forber-Pratt, Ph.D.


Day 8 & 9

For the 4th attempt at posting....

Day 8 & Day 9

The adventures still continue on here at Shishur Sevay and in Kolkata. Yesterday, I got the communication boards done for the kids trays—with symbols, pictures, English and Bengali. We got them all laminated as well hoping they will last a while.

Sonali and I have been spending a lot of time together. She is amazing. She has tremendous amounts of curiosity in her eyes. She also has a great deal of sensory needs. She loves to have her face rubbed, particularly just between her eyes above her nose.

Day 7

Day 7

Power is out again, thank goodness for batteries and generators The girls are all in bed, and I am just sitting quietly thinking about the day. The day started off waking up with the girls at 5 AM, a whole hour later than for online class days, and getting ready for school. I walked with the girls to school and met the headmistress and all the children. I was introduced and talked to the boys and girls about all the possibilities that are out there in the world for them and shared a bit about my story.

Day 6

Day 6

I should be asleep right now. It is 11 PM and I don’t have to go on any 4 AM adventures through the streets of Kolkata to find internet tomorrow. However, I was just so excited as I was sitting here filtering though pictures from the day and I felt like I should post something about the latest adventures.

Today was a glorious day just spending time with the girls. I have a tendency to find “Camp Arrowhead” in random countries.

Day 4 & Day 5

Day 4 & 5

My last morning in Udaipur was memorable. Santosh, Pamna and I went out shopping for some jewelery for me. I wanted Santosh’s expertise and bargaining abilities to help me out. We found a beautiful necklace and earrings. I also wanted to get a new Indian nose ring, but I needed to go to the ATM first. Sometimes, that doesn’t work well overseas. Tried three ATMs and it didn’t work, so we decided to head back to Love Nest before going to the airport. Santosh really wanted me to have an Indian nose ring though, and so she gave me hers! It is very Indian.

Day 3

Insider looking out. Take a moment to think about that statement. Insider looking out. What does that even mean? What does that look like? It was our day yesterday. We took an amazing day trip to Kumbhalgar and Ranakpur. For under Rs 9,000 total, we rented a bus for 24 people, traveled to these two areas of India, went up the fortress at Kumbhalgar in the monsoons and into the Jain temple in Ranakpur, had plenty of chai stops along the way and ate a buffet lunch at a restaurant along the way back.

Day 2

We had another exciting day in Udaipur. We went to Seva Mandir to have a debriefing meeting to discuss our visit to the school for the Deaf and school for the Blind.

Day 1

No rest for the weary! When you are only in Udaipur for a few days, and Ian is your brother, you better believe it that you are going to have lots to do and people to meet and things to see starting immediately upon leaving the airport. So exciting! We got a tour of Udaipur, learned about the history of the city. The city has ~ 600,000 people. Marble is in abundance. It is desert-like but there are also beautiful mountains, perhaps the oldest in the world. The car ride back, I’m relatively emotionless, just taking it all in. Letting it sink in that I have actually arrived in India.

The Journey

I journal a lot, I always have. It helps to work things out, to make sense of the struggles and challenges you are facing. But, I have never been much for making these public or blogging. But, I guess there is a first for everything, so here goes. Some thoughts so far…

The Journey

Local Press Articles

Beijing Paralympic Games Articles

The Metrowest Daily News did an excellent job tracking my progress at the Games. Links to the articles can be found here. The only slight mistake is that my time for the 400m was a PB of 56.79.



USOC Press Releases

Press release about my 400m can be found here.

Press release about the 4x100m relay can be found here.

Press release about the 100m can be found here.

Forber-Pratt Claims Bronze

Metrowest Daily News Article

Check it out here

Article in the Natick Tab

I made the local paper again today... check out the article: here!


Training Camp, Chula Vista, CA

Training Camp, Chula Vista, CA

Gasparilla 15K, Tampa, FL

Gasparilla 15K, Tampa, FL

Champions Meet, Atlanta, GA

Champions Track Meet, Atlanta, GA

Dixie Games, Warm Springs, GA

Dixie Games in Warm Springs! 100m, 200m, 400m!

Swiss Series

Off to Switzerland for 2 track meets!

Long Island 10K, Long Island, NY

Long Island 10K, Long Island, NY

Cedartown 5K, Cedartown, GA

Cedartown 5K, Cedartown, GA

Peachtree 10K, Atlanta, GA

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Training Camp @ Kadena AFB

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