Power of Thinking

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It is amazing to me how much the power of thought can influence your actions. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing. It is something, as an athlete, that we all KNOW exists, but it is another thing to experience it. Let me share a story...

In training this week, I was working on some sprints gearing up for my races this weekend. For the first sprint, I was told to go at it 100%. The end result was a max speed of about 17.5 mph. For the next one, I was told to just relax, don't worry about a thing, just go at it about 80-85% effort and to think about long strokes just relaxing, to not think about anything other than relaxing. I went at it. The max speed result: 19.8

The moral of the story: relax. By the end of the workout, concentrating simply on relaxing and not focused on the end result, yielded max speed of 20.8 mph. It got me thinking about the last track meet and how frustrating it had felt going into the meet having trained well and hard and feeling overall great and not getting the results I had hoped for. I am sure I had a case of the "I gotta's", thinking I gotta do this that and this when really I just needed to clear my head of those beasts you work on in training and trust myself. Lesson learned.

I'm looking forward to racing this weekend in Arizona, I'll be sure to post updates.


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