Tampa here I come!!!

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Hello everybody -

I am getting geared up and ready to go to Tampa, FL this weekend for the Gasparilla 15K race. Now, funny thing about this race. I remember being a kid and all the big-time wheelchair racers used to go down and do this race. I was always too young, or broken, haha. So, I'm pretty excited that this race is back and I hope that it will be as much fun as I heard it was back in the day. I have no idea who will be there racing, other than myself and my three teammates and my coach. But, it will be a nice surprise. I'm also excited that there is the potential for me to see one of my old Natick Arrowhead buddies, Emily, who goes to school in Tampa!! It's funny how you can end up in random places and still have ties to your childhood or your past.

In other news, my arms have been doing pretty well (YAY!). I had some minor setbacks about 2 weeks ago. This was partially my own doing for attempting 3 different sports in the same day.... my typical training, tennis and youth wheelchair basketball. Whoops. But, the good news is I seem to be on the mend again and feel confident about how my treatment and management of this injury are going.

Well I'm looking forward to getting out of this snowy, cold weather here in Champaign this weekend. I also can't wait to update you all on how the race goes. Thanks!


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