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Gasparilla 15K

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The Gasparilla 15K is growing into quite the event! It is always fun to be at the first race of the season and to see both familiar and new faces. I had a great race, improved my time from last year which is always exciting. I ran a 41:40 and finished 4th!! The rest of my team did very well too: Amanda finished 2nd, Jessie finished 5th, Maggie 7th. On the guys side, Josh finished 5th and Tony was 7th. Way to go Illini! For complete results, click here.

In other news, I recently learned that they have Adaptive Bobsled Team and they are working to make this a Paralympic sport. I mean, what could be better than going down an icy track at 85mph?? There is a training camp, unfortunately, it starts on Tuesday of this week. But they are going to be offering another one in a couple weeks. I'm talking with the current coach to see if we can work something out. If nothing else, it would be pretty sweet to try out. Stay tuned for more crazy adventures from the life of Anjali!


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