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En Route to PHX

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En Route to Phoenix

Never a dull moment in the life of Anjali! I am sitting here on the plane, somehow functioning after the past 2 days of very little sleep and two-a-day practices. Remember that paper? I am happy to say that just 3 minutes before boarding the plane I emailed it off to one of my co-workers who graciously agreed to help me out and print it to deliver the hardcopy to my professor. Cars are known for going 0 to 60mph in say 3.9 seconds, this girl went from 0 to 24 pages in less than 24 hours!!

It is so hard to find that ounce of motivation when all your friends are done with school and on summer vacation and you are not. It is so hard to find that motivation when the class itself is not one of your favorites. But, the motivation to not take an incomplete in my last class ever was enough to push me through. Down to the wire, literally! I had to get the paper done to be hand delivered by 5PM today, sounds reasonable enough, right? Well factor in that yesterday I had 0 pages written, I had practice, a few meetings, a leadership panel discussion to participate in from 5-9:30pm, a trip to pack for and this morning practice at 8am, miscellaneous trip preparation and a car ride to the airport to finish writing and some little helpful editing elves who helped from afar via text message! Oh technology! After arriving at the airport, getting through security I booted up the ‘ole laptop to find the two missing references I could not remember on the car ride in, as they announce 5 minutes until boarding I try to email the paper to my friend, and of course I get not only the spinning color wheel of death, but also the infamous, “Still working…” message from Gmail. Not wanting to panic, but also not wanting to allow all the hard work in the past day to go to waste, I frantically opened every other browser I have on the computer, every other email account I have and was finally able to email it off – possibly three times, (sorry about that)!

And now, I’m flying high over the clouds once again headed to the next track meet in Mesa, AZ. I’m not as well rested as I would like to be going into this, but the good part is that I have a couple days before competition on Saturday. Last evening at our traditional wings gathering at BWWs, I was struck by how amazingly lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life who are always there to encourage, laugh, and tell it like it is! I’m so grateful! It is so so so very important to take the time out of a seemingly hectic, chaotic, crazy schedule to spend time with friends, to appreciate each other’s company and to just take a deep breath. Man, it feels good to be officially done with the semester, and with college classes!!! Academically, it’s now on to my next round of qualifying exams sometime in the near future, preparing for my preliminary defense, researching and writing.

One of the most exciting things I’m looking forward to on this trip is my Bermudian friends who will be out in Arizona for their very first competition (well Jessica was at Dixie, but first one for the others!) I am continually amazed by how far and how much progress has been made with Paralympic sport development on the island in the past 11 months alone!! So much excitement, so much to look forward to!!! Can’t wait to see my Bermudian family! Will write an update after the event…

Event website: Desert Challenge Games


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