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US Nationals: Pre-Race

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We arrived in FL on Wednesday, had some adventures getting from the airport to the hotel, but eventually we all made it. We sweet talked the receptionist to let us into our hotel room even though our whole party had not arrived yet. I logged online, co-taught the last class session for the term. And then I shifted gears to get ready for the races.

On Thursday, I went with one of my teammates, Tatyana McFadden and another fellow US Teammate, Kortney Clemons to visit some kids at summer camps and to talk about our experiences and answer questions. This was arranged by the City of Miramar. The kids were great--such fun questions!! We got the traditional, "how do you sleep?". It is very rewarding to be able to answer kids' innocent questions and to see that lightbulb go on when they realize that just because we use a wheelchair or a prosthetic leg we aren't that much different from you!

After that, we headed over to the Ansin Sports Complex for registration and some training. The track is smooth and it feels fast! We'll see how the times look.

As expected, there were some small changes to the competition schedule. My schedule is now as follows:

  • Friday June 18th, 6:10 PM: 800m final
  • Friday June 18th, 7:40 PM: 200m final
  • Saturday June 19th, 6:15 PM: 100m final
  • Sunday June 20th, 10:40 AM: 400m final

To follow the latest up-to-the-minute results, please check here:
Live Results.


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