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Cedartown, Peachtree, UI Track Camp, Boilermaker, Denver... just a 4 state recap

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I fell a bit behind on the blog updating... my bad. So the latest and greatest is as follows:

  • Raced really well and got a PR at Cedartown, GA
  • Raced well in the Peachtree 10K and got a course PR
  • Had an awesome time at Illinois' Wheelchair Track Camp
  • Made an impromptu trip to NY for the Boilermaker, and won the women's division
  • Flew to Denver to present my research on Re-Definining Disability Culture at the AHEAD conference
  • Cedartown, GA

    Cedartown, GA is one of my favorite places to visit. I know that sounds strange, but it is an amazing community filled with people who genuinely care about each other and about us coming to visit. It is always a fantastic trip filled with ridiculous stories and memories. The race itself was a success for me, I finished 6th, narrowly missing out on 5th place with a super close finish (less than a second apart). We raced. We karaoked. We sat poolside. We BBQed. We had fun.

    Peachtree 10K

    Well, Peachtree is always a challenging race for me. I simply don't weigh enough to keep up on the rolling Atlanta hills! But it was a decent race for me. I was happy that I didn't die on the climb by the Shepherd Center. And even more happy to have people to play chase with going back and forth.

    Illinois Wheelchair Track Camp

    Yep. We did that. It was exciting to meet some new faces, some of whom we will see in the Fall. A special shoutout goes to my new friend Ethan who is from Newton, MA--- a mere 30 minutes from my hometown!! It's always a blast--- long days, but a blast. We try to mix things up with training sessions, some dodgeball, sadly, I missed the rock climbing this year...How did it go?

    Boilermaker 15k

    Nothing like an impromptu trip to NY for less than 24 hours. No big deal. I got bumped up to first class on the way out and made friends. That was pretty fun. The downside was that I didn't arrive in Utica until late Saturday night and was up at the crack of dawn for the 15k race. Well worth it, however. I won the women's division and got to meet the governor of NY, David Paterson...twice. It was a great event, so fun to be a part of.

    AHEAD Conference

    And now, the end of my epic travels? Nope, try again. A marked brief hiatus from my epic travels. I flew to Denver for the AHEAD Conference to present my early research project at this huge disability conference. The presentation was today, it went very very well. And now, I am gearing up for the second round of my qualifying exams for PhD school. Wish me luck!!

    Until next time...


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