Boston Globe Article

December 26, 2010 Boston Globe had a story about me!!

Read it here!

A Week in the Life of Anjali

I struggled to decide what to name this post. “A week in the life of Anjali” or “How to Get Your Head in the Game When…” Those were the two I was debating. For those of you who want the abbreviated version of my week, read the bullets below. For those who want to know the backstory behind any of the following, feel free to read on.

Training & Life Updates

I've been sitting at a coffee shop for the past few hours trying to write my dissertation, and decided since that was not working that I should post an update to my blog here instead. The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy with school for me. It always bothers me when school has to take priority over other things in my life, such as training, but it's a trade off I suppose. I went to a training camp one time and we learned that despite popular belief you can really only ever give 100%.

Spirit in Motion

Think of it as a game of "Where's Waldo" and see if you can find Anjali!
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