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What is your song?

I'm a TA for a class and they have to do this wicked awesome assignment to drive home the concepts of transformational learning and how powerful it is. You either have to design your own tattoo, that reflects your values, beliefs, norms, and attitudes or do a name that tune where you identify a song that is your song. It's the song that makes us think about our lives and what's really important in our lives. When I took the class, I did the design the tattoo, which I'm in the process of finding a good artist so I can actually get it.

Apparently these never actually were posted... Day 14 & 15

Day 14

Relationships have never been my strong suit, I guess it's the introvert in me and the fact that I'm very reluctant to trust anybody other than myself. However, relationships with those in need, or with those who lack an advocate or support—those come easy to me. I can walk into a room with a kid who has been labeled as hopeless or abandoned or non-communicative or non-verbal and have meaningful conversation. I can connect to a person who has a lot of dark in their past and just listen.

Day 13

There are so many things left to do, and we are running out of time! Yikes! Guess I’ll have to come back. That’s always how it goes though—never enough time to get everything accomplished because life isn’t linear. The learning never stops here at Shishur Sevay. The need for love and compassion also never stops. Things just keep on moving.

Day 12

Today was a busy day, it involved shopping with Gibi and Bijoy and getting 11 new volunteers oriented to Shishur Sevay!! So many exciting things are happening. It is hard to believe it will be soon time to return home. The new volunteers who came are so excited to work with the kids, to help out with anything that needs doing around the grounds (painting, landscaping etc.) as well as assist with the computers! I’m so excited to have a group of eager volunteers to help me finish the tasks that I have yet to finish and to transition them to teach and use the computer programs!

Day 11

Day 11

We visited Bubbi in the village yesterday. The kids had a blast. The night before going all the girls got so excited about picking their outfit and accessories to wear. It was like being a kid again, watching them all play dress up and asking the older ones if that outfit worked or if they should switch necklaces etc. Miraculously we all were dressed and out the door by 10AM, not bad considering.

Day 10 - AM: Food for thought

We are getting ready to head out to the village.I've been up for a while, I was catching up with Ian last night. Check out his latest blog here.

I sit here thinking about how I spend my days here in Kolkata. It is much different from the immediate gratification that Ian is able to accomplish in remote villages of India. The progress I am working towards is incremental. It is teaching the massis, the teachers, the parents of other kids with disabilities in India.

Day 8 & 9

For the 4th attempt at posting....

Day 8 & Day 9

The adventures still continue on here at Shishur Sevay and in Kolkata. Yesterday, I got the communication boards done for the kids trays—with symbols, pictures, English and Bengali. We got them all laminated as well hoping they will last a while.

Sonali and I have been spending a lot of time together. She is amazing. She has tremendous amounts of curiosity in her eyes. She also has a great deal of sensory needs. She loves to have her face rubbed, particularly just between her eyes above her nose.

Day 7

Day 7

Power is out again, thank goodness for batteries and generators The girls are all in bed, and I am just sitting quietly thinking about the day. The day started off waking up with the girls at 5 AM, a whole hour later than for online class days, and getting ready for school. I walked with the girls to school and met the headmistress and all the children. I was introduced and talked to the boys and girls about all the possibilities that are out there in the world for them and shared a bit about my story.

Day 6

Day 6

I should be asleep right now. It is 11 PM and I don’t have to go on any 4 AM adventures through the streets of Kolkata to find internet tomorrow. However, I was just so excited as I was sitting here filtering though pictures from the day and I felt like I should post something about the latest adventures.

Today was a glorious day just spending time with the girls. I have a tendency to find “Camp Arrowhead” in random countries.

Day 4 & Day 5

Day 4 & 5

My last morning in Udaipur was memorable. Santosh, Pamna and I went out shopping for some jewelery for me. I wanted Santosh’s expertise and bargaining abilities to help me out. We found a beautiful necklace and earrings. I also wanted to get a new Indian nose ring, but I needed to go to the ATM first. Sometimes, that doesn’t work well overseas. Tried three ATMs and it didn’t work, so we decided to head back to Love Nest before going to the airport. Santosh really wanted me to have an Indian nose ring though, and so she gave me hers! It is very Indian.

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