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Day 13

There are so many things left to do, and we are running out of time! Yikes! Guess I’ll have to come back. That’s always how it goes though—never enough time to get everything accomplished because life isn’t linear. The learning never stops here at Shishur Sevay. The need for love and compassion also never stops. Things just keep on moving.

Day 3

Insider looking out. Take a moment to think about that statement. Insider looking out. What does that even mean? What does that look like? It was our day yesterday. We took an amazing day trip to Kumbhalgar and Ranakpur. For under Rs 9,000 total, we rented a bus for 24 people, traveled to these two areas of India, went up the fortress at Kumbhalgar in the monsoons and into the Jain temple in Ranakpur, had plenty of chai stops along the way and ate a buffet lunch at a restaurant along the way back.

Day 2

We had another exciting day in Udaipur. We went to Seva Mandir to have a debriefing meeting to discuss our visit to the school for the Deaf and school for the Blind.

Day 1

No rest for the weary! When you are only in Udaipur for a few days, and Ian is your brother, you better believe it that you are going to have lots to do and people to meet and things to see starting immediately upon leaving the airport. So exciting! We got a tour of Udaipur, learned about the history of the city. The city has ~ 600,000 people. Marble is in abundance. It is desert-like but there are also beautiful mountains, perhaps the oldest in the world. The car ride back, I’m relatively emotionless, just taking it all in. Letting it sink in that I have actually arrived in India.

The Journey

I journal a lot, I always have. It helps to work things out, to make sense of the struggles and challenges you are facing. But, I have never been much for making these public or blogging. But, I guess there is a first for everything, so here goes. Some thoughts so far…

The Journey

T Minus 40 Hours and Counting...

The time is almost here for my departure to Colorado Springs for Team Processing before heading to Japan (for a training camp) and then on to Beijing! I cannot believe it is actually here.

Going to the Paralympics is something I have always dreamed about...for as long as I can remember. It is something that has always been on my horizon for a while, whether it was for skiing or for track, but the timing was just never right because of injuries, surgeries, life etc. The time is now, and I can't wait!


I’m not really a “blogger”, but some important things have happened today which I felt the need to reflect on, and decided to share. As of today, Chief Illiniwek will no longer perform at athletic events on the Urbana-Champaign campus after this season’s last men’s home basketball game in Assembly Hall on February 21. This is huge news. As a member of this University community, I felt the need to express my thoughts.

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