Or this one time when I died…

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I went in for spinal fusion surgery as a junior in high school. It is a very invasive procedure and a long surgery where they put metal rods in my back. While on the operating room table, just as the surgery was finishing up, I was given a dose of pain medicine. I instantly went into anaphalaxis shock and flat lined. They had to use a defibrulator to bring me back to life. No I don’t remember seeing any white light or any out of mind or body experiences, but when I did come to, the first thing I did was give a nurse a black eye. In my defense, they killed me! So, when I actually woke up, I was in 5 point restraint tied by my wrists and ankles and waist to the gurney and had no clue what was going on, and I had 12 IVs in me because they were trying to get the medicine out of my system as fast as possible. The challenging thing about this, after everything was said and done, I actually lost a lot of my memory. The doctors claim it was because of the electrical shocks they had to use to bring me back to life. I had no recollection of taking any of my classes, which didn't bode well since I was out during midterms and was responsible for making up the work. I knew who I was and where I was, but when my mom brought in my own notes in my handwriting I told her I had never seen it before and so it was a very frustrating time after that having to re-learn everything.


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