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Baystate Parent Article: Anjali's Story

Check out the article from this month's Baystate Parent Magazine here.

Boston Globe Article

December 26, 2010 Boston Globe had a story about me!!

Read it here!

Climbing the Mountain

Since last writing, I attended our first pre-worlds training camp out at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. It was the first time Team USA was together! Our team is quite the mix of both veteran athletes and newbies, it will be a fantastic event!

World Championships, Here I Come!

A day in the life of Anjali is never a dull moment; anybody who knows me can attest to this. In the span of one weeks' time, I travelled through six states, officially launched a children's coloring book about Paralympic sports, changed the focus of my academic studies, and was named to the 2010 World Championship Team that will be headed to Christchurch, New Zealand in January.

Wrap Up Blog from Ghana

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but there is an overwhelming majority of friends and people my age who have this burning desire to change the world. The flipside to this, however, is the overwhelming majority of the general population who thinks that people like that are overly ambitious and set unrealistic goals. But, the truth is, our team of five – Jean Driscoll, Marissa Siebel, Jennifer Scott, Tom Cameron and myself, went to Ghana and changed the world. Even more so than that, the world changed us.

US Paralympic Nationals Recap

US Paralympic Nationals Recap

I'm back from hot hot hot southern FL from an amazing weekend of competition. The summary of results is as follows:

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