Need a Disability Expert?

Dr. Anjali Forber-Pratt provides individuals with disabilities, families and organizations with valuable information pertaining to disability to meet their needs. Her expertise centers around information related to inclusion in education, advocacy and sport. Please contact her at [email protected] about any upcoming needs for further information regarding pricing.

Guest Blog from Ian Forber-Pratt

I'm excited to post a guest blog from my brother, Ian Forber-Pratt who is doing some amazing work in India. We both were adopted from India, and he sold everything he owned and moved overseas last May. As I am sure you will see from his post, he is living his passion and dream. He is the founder of Foster Care India. Quite simply, his mission is to develop the first ever state/govt supported foster care system WITHIN India. Foster Care India will work with the state when abuse/ neglect is suspected to give the children temporary care.

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